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Can I just take out a boat?

If you are a full member AND have Cansail 2 certification or have shown equivalency to Cansail 2, you qualify to take out club boats. If you are a new member or have not taken any courses with us before, take the Members Sail and Kayak Familiarization offering to be introduced to the club fleet, etiquette, procedures, shown the perimeter for sailing and have your questions answered. You can also be assessed for Cansail 2 equivalency during this course.

How do I sign out a boat?

There is a calendar in the shed where you can reserve a boat by putting your name on the day and selecting either morning/afternoon. On the day you are sailing, please use the binder to sign out a boat and select a boat that is available at that time. Once your sailing time is complete, please follow COVID-19 procedures for rinsing the boat.

We are currently working on making the calendar available on our website for full members to reserve boats.

What program does your sailing school follow?

CBSC coaches and sailing school follow the Sail Canada CANSail dinghy program.

Do I get Cansail certified at the end of the course?

If you have completed and passed your CanSail 2 assessment with your coach, then you will be certified.