Sailboat Types

Optimist Class

The International Optimist dinghy is a 7 1/2 foot long pram with a small sprit sail rig. It is a safe stable little single-handed boat ideally suited to young sailors up to about 130 lb. Weighing about 70 lbs, the boats are easily car-topped. The Optimist is easy to sail but difficult to sail fast. This boat is an excellent entry into competitive sailing as there are large local and worldwide fleets and sailors of all ability levels can enjoy the boat. Competitive used Optimists sell for between $1,500 and $3,000. New racing Optimists sell for between $2,000 and $4,000.
Depending on registrations, the Comox Bay Sailing Team program can offer training at three levels for the Optimist:

Optimist Sailing Team: 5-8 year olds (no experience necessary)

  • Learn to Associate “Fun” with sailing and the ocean
  • Focus is on basic boat handling, basic racing skills, and boating safety
  • Ideal for enthusiastic young sailors with no or little experience

Regional Rep. Optimist Sailing Team: 7-15 year olds with little or no racing experience, but a strong desire to sail fast.

  • Focus is on boat handling and racing skills
  • Ideal for enthusiastic young sailors with little experience
  • Participants should expect to take part in BC Sailing Circuit events

High Performance Optimist Sailing Team: 12-15 year olds with prior racing experience and motivation to maximize their skills and perform in competition.

  • Focus is on advanced sailing and racing skills
  • Ideal for enthusiastic young sailors with little experience
  • Participants should expect to compete in six or more events per year
  • Participants should expect to travel unsupported to some provincial camps or competitions

Click here for the International Optimist Dinghy Association web page.

Laser Class

The Laser is a Canadian designed boat and is actually ranked as the 66th greatest contribution Canada has made to the world. Somewhere behind Penicillin and the telephone, but still on the same list! The Laser is a 14 foot single-handed sail boat. There are about as many Lasers as Optimists in the world, so you will find them just about anywhere there is water. The hull is the same for all rigs, but it can hold a Laser 4.7 rig (Sailors 110lbs-135lbs), a Laser Radial Rig (Olympic Class, Sailors 130-160lbs), and the Laser Full-Rig (Olympic Class, Ideal weight 175lbs). A competitive used Laser will be $3000-$5000, and a brand new Laser is $6500.

Click here for the International Laser Class Association web page.

Club 420 Class

The Club 420 is a two person dinghy that has three sails and is raced all over North America. It is 13’9’’ and weighs approximately 230lbs. It has trapeze, spinnaker, it will hydroplane, and it is a great junior racing boat that leads to the Olympic Class 470. A great social boat with a growing class in BC. majority of communication is done through email. It is very important that we have an up-to-date email address on file or you will miss information as it is sent out. The main email contact at is

Click here for the Club 420 Association web page.