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Optimist – 2017

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Laser and 420 – 2017

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Registration Waiver and Certification – 2017

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The Role of Parents

Parent involvement and support is essential to the sailing team program. Parents are invited to participate and assist with respect to the following:

  1. Driving to and from sailing site and other venues
  2. Learning how to assist with the rigging of the optimist sail and loading trailers
  3. General helping around the sailing site – flipping boats and helping the younger sailors rig their Opti especially at regattas or other venues
  4. Last but most important, have fun around the water and make sailing friends and connections
  5. Parents are welcome to sail available Lasers and 420’s with us during Sailing Team training

Athlete Responsibilities

  1. Participants must treat all sailors, officials, coaches, and parents with respect at practices and at other venues
  2. Sailors are required to follow the guidelines set out by the coaches
  3. Each sailor is responsible at all times for the equipment given to him or her. They must be careful with and take pride in their gear
  4. Sailors are expected to attend regular sailing sessions and to compete in at least one regatta a year
  5. Team members are required to notify their coaches via e-mail or phone, when they are unable to attend a practice or fitness session. Sailors should arrive punctually for weekday and weekend sessions as they need to be rigged and ready before training begins. On the weekend, coaches will start the briefing at 10:30am sharp
  6. Please dress appropriately, be on time, and be rigged and ready to sail!

Club Owned Equipment

A boat will be assigned to sailors in the beginning of each season. These boats are allocated on a first come, first serve basis. In most cases, sailors will get their own boat that they will name and take ownership for the sailing season.
When Sailing Team members use club equipment they undertake to maintain it in the same condition as when they received it except for routine wear. Any damage to the boats or equipment is the responsibility of the user to repair or to assist in the repair if it is outside their skill level. If, for example, careless or accidental damage occurs is up to the sailing member using that boat to arrange for, and to pay for repairs. The coaches are available to advise and assist in arranging for the necessary repairs. Please check with the coaches before making any repairs.

Insurance and Liability

Participants must be prepared for the risks which accompany racing and travel. Although sailing is a fun sport, safety is always a number one concern. Waiver and medical forms are attached.

Car Pooling

When a parent provides transportation for other children, they are responsible for the safety of their passengers. This standard applies for carpooling in any group event and will be the same coverage needed. This risk is covered by an ICBC policy’s third party coverage. More than $1 million liability coverage is strongly recommended to all drivers transporting race team members.


The race team trailer is insured and this coverage deals with situation where the trailer itself causes damage to person or property belonging to a third party. It does not cover damage to boats on the trailer or when boats are loaded or unloaded onto the trailer.


It is a requirement that all sailors who travel outside the province carry extended health coverage. For local events and regattas in the province, a current B.C. medical card is sufficient. Please keep all medical information up-to-date with the Coaches.


The Regional and High Performance Optimist Race Teams along with the Laser and 420 team, will travel outside of the Comox Valley. The cost of the equipment transportation will be divided equally amongst the sailors attending the event. The regatta fees will be the responsibility of the individual athlete.

Club Membership and Dinghy Use Fees

Membership and participation in the Comox Bay Sailing Club – While the race team program began as a youth program, it has expanded to include many adult racers. The CBSC Race Team is open to all interested sailors over the age of six.
All sailors are expected to be, or to become members of the Comox Bay Sailing Club. An individual membership which includes dinghy use is $150 for an annual fee. This cost is reduced to $80 for sailors starting in the fall.
*Note the special family rates of $280 are on the club membership forms and if there are any discrepancies between this document and the club forms. The club form’s rates shall take precedence.


Sailing can often be a cold and wet sport, especially in the fall climate. Sailors must provide their own weather appropriate sailing clothing. Some PFD’s are available, but it is recommended that each sailor has their own. Further advice and education will be provided by the coaches during training. Remember “It is never too cold to sail, you just have to have the right clothes!”  Ask your coach for places to get affordable gear.


We use photos and video primarily as coaching tools, however we would like to share the photos taken of participants with our club website as well as other print media. Please inform the coach of any concerns with this possibility.